Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Barbie Rocks

It came, it came, it came, woohoo!  

It's my new favorite necklace from the creators of BarbieTM Rocks, Layna and Alan Friedman.  

I was a huge Barbie girl growing up.  I had it all, the Peaches and Cream Barbie, the dream house (1970's style baby), the Barbie car, the Barbie  McDonald's, and even a Barbie bathtub.  I spent hours and hours of time playing and imagining with Barbie.

Even though I had to grow up and have long ago given away my Barbie collection I have still continued to love her.  Imagine my excitement when I saw all this super chic, grown up friendly Barbie jewelry right at my fingertips!  

It was a tough choice but I decided on the Round Silhouette necklace.  I am wearing it today for the 1st time and I love it!  The quality is fantastic, it's feminine, fun and came very fast even though it states on the site that it's on backorder.

So I wanna know, did you love Barbie as a girl?  What was your favorite Barbie toy when you were growing up?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish everyone a happy day today filled with love and homemade Valentine's.  These ones were made by my 3 year old Payton (with some help from Mom).  

And sweet smiles from young hearts.

And that you win this apron from Sweet Things Design.
To win all you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite thing is about 
Valentine's Day.

All entries must be received by Midnight EST 2/14.

Maggie :) 
Thank you so much for leaving a comment.  I hope you enjoy your new apron.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Heart Etsy

The Flirty girl Be Mine apron has been featured in two Etsy treasuries!  It's always so much fun to see that people other than me like my aprons too :)  It really helps me to keep going, to keep creating.

A big thank you to both AngeliqueAshton and CraftyLikeThatDesign for featuring my apron and for creating such sweet treasuries!  Please click the links to check out both Valentine's Day treasuries and to visit their Etsy shops, you wont be sorry!

To purchase the Flirty Girl Be Mine apron for yourself click here.  There is still time to get it for Valentine's day.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

T-Shirt Pillows

This simple fun project came about as we were doing our "Annual Family Post-Christmas Closet Clean-Up". It's a great time to clean out the old to make room for all the new treasures that Santa gifted.

My husband had a couple of much loved t-shirts that were still in great shape, but were getting a little snug after so many trips thru the laundry.  I hated to just trash them or give them away since he still loves them.

We racked our brains to think how we could still get use from them.  After some back and forth ideas my husband came up with the perfect solution, why not make them into pillows for the basement couch!  Done and done was my response and here is the result, or at least the first result!  I still have one more pillow to go.

This is a great way to keep all those treasured t-shirts, especially for your kids as they grow out of their favorites.  It's also a great way to save a memory like a vacation, family reunion, concert or event t-shirt.

If you are interested in instructions on how to make your own t-shirt pillow leave me a comment and I will post a tutorial.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Just a little bit of cuteness to make your Monday sweet!

Tomorrow a full post featuring a little project I'm working on for my hubby and his man-cave.
It's an easy inexpensive project anyone can do, with a little bit of time, a sewing machine and some old and much loved t-shirts.  Hope to see you tomorrow :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Java Love

Look what I found in my coffee Sunday morning, a little bit of love from my favorite cuppa!  How I missed my daily dose of coffee while I was preggo, apparently it missed me right back.

And now that all is right in the world between my coffee and me and Emily and family are all settled back into familiar routines, I think that it is time to get back to work!

It's not as easy as I thought it would be, finding time here and there to carve out a little space for my self to create.  But I am working on it, were going to start off small with little projects here and there for the shop and hopefully finish Payton's quilt some time this century.

In the meantime I am having a sale to clean out the shop a little and make room for the new.  Check it out here!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Introducing Miss Emily Rose

Well friends the long wait is finally over, our little Emily Rose came to this world with a healthy set of lungs and a beautiful rosy complexion this past Monday 11-8-2010 at 10:16pm after only 2 1/2 hours of labor bless her little heart!

We are all of us home now the hubbs, Payton, Emily and myself and just getting into the semblance of a routine, getting to know one another and learning to be a family of four.

It has been wonderful so far, not counting the lack of sleep which is to be expected.  And being off bedrest restrictions that were the last 3 moths of the pregnancy is wonderful.

Expect lots of new posts in the coming days and weeks as I slowly get back to the business and we get our home life steady again :)

Thank you to all for the nice comments while I was MIA.